Greetings to my dear fellow humans!

Surreal Symphony is a blog that attempts to explain philosophies, theories and movies/videos that are hard to understand. It is indeed an outrageous and ambitious act to even attempt such feats with my little mind. However, I do dare to try. Of course, even with my best efforts put in, I cannot guarantee any truth lying in any of what I write. After all, I’m yet another human with a single perception of my own. If showcasing my perceptions to the world helps a few minds in any possible way, I shall be deemed to have done some justice to my existence. Welcome aboard.

The horizon is only as far as one can see.

The ways we see each and every single thing in our lives vary by a degree that is hard to compute. Hence, each perception has its own truth; and its own deception. “WHAT” we see is important. So is “HOW” we see them.

Crossroads of life contain the hardest of choices

The most important events in our lives are those when we make choices. It is those choices that have made us what we are; and will make us what we will be.

Thoughts make us humans… And they take us beyond..!

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